We strive to create an integrated society and leave no on behind.

I am Jihee Kim, a CEO of Hyodol. 

Since 2015, our company has developed an elderly care robot Hyodol and established an AI care platform for elderly, disabled, psychologically weak, and socially isolated households. 

Hyodol is an advanced care robot designed to support the elderly by reminding them to take their medications and monitoring their movements to keep their guardians informed. Additionally, this innovative robot can detect and respond to the emotional states of its elderly users, adding a layer of personalized care.

Our mission has always been to enhance the lives of older adults who may feel marginalized due to their perceived societal value, which is often tied to their current productivity. In 2015, I pondered over what would truly benefit social workers providing care to elderly individuals living alone, without the constraints of time. The solution was clear: to infuse their living spaces with warmth and to offer guardians instant, accurate access to comprehensive life log data collected seamlessly in the background.

To achieve this, we envisioned our service as integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) with an emotional interface, pioneering the concept of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Technologies combined with IoT Infrastructure). Today, we successfully collect real-time life log data from over 10,000 elderly individuals, leveraging this information to enhance our care services significantly.

Hyodol is at the forefront of revolutionizing elderly care, positioning itself as a key player in the AI care platform within the community care service landscape, particularly as we approach the super-aged era. This innovative care robot not only provides comfort and daily health care to those who are socially vulnerable but also ensures the respectful collection of life log data. By connecting with the local community, Hyodol facilitates services including the detection of abnormal patterns, emergency response, and personalized health coaching, all while prioritizing privacy.

We are committed to addressing global social challenges, such as the rise in socially isolated households, the diversification of care needs, and the shortage of care personnel and resources, extending our efforts beyond Korea.

Echoing the sentiment that 'God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers,' Hyodol embodies the guardian presence that cannot always be by the side of the elderly. By developing and implementing essential emotional technology, Hyodol aims to make a significant impact on the care industry, offering a new dimension of support and companionship.

CEO Jihee Kim

CEO Jihee Kim   

*Community care : A region-led policy that integrally supports residence, health care, recuperation, care, and independent life for residents who need assistance (seniors, disabled, etcl) to be able to enjoy customized services and socialize within community

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